Frequently Asked Questions

What is Med-A-Syst?

Med-A-Syst is a unique home medical record organizer and charting system. The notebook style allows patients and caretaker to track everything from medications and appointments, to vitals and insurance information. Our system improves communication between caretakers and families, tracks important documents, and helps improve quality of care. In addition, each book is customizable using our add-on packets to better serve an individual’s needs.

Med-A-Syst utilizes a unique, notebook-style binding system which makes it easy to add and relocate pages. Each book can be customized to addition additional sheets as needed. Also, customers have the option to purchase tailored packets for specific patient needs.


Each book includes the following:

  • Forms for medical and insurance information to create an easy reference guide.
    • This section is especially important for patients who are nonresponsive or nonverbal and can alert doctors to any medical conditions or allergies.
  • A section for tracking medications, dosages, and frequency.
  • Appointment/Visitor Logs to improve communication between caretakers, patients, and family.
    • These can be beneficial in diagnostic situations where a family member can make notes such as: “Grandma was dizzy after new medication today” or “Found Dad on bathroom floor, no complaints of pain”.
    • This section also helps to track changes or care plans discussed with the doctor.
  • A section for important documents such as vaccine records, imaging reports, lab reports, etc.

Optional features include:

  • Ability to purchase additional sheets as needed, such as additional medication sheets, log pages, or vital records.
  • Packets tailored to specific patient needs such as:
    • Diabetes
    • Cancer
    • Childhood Disabilities
    • Hospice Care

We plan to continue adding to the system as we obtain feedback and hear additional customer needs.