Balancing act of a caregiver

You are more then just a caregiver. We tend to give ourselves labels that become our identity. Because you are doing something doesn't mean that is your only identity or your worth. You are more than your roles and outcomes. You are more than who you are in this moment. We go through life one breath at a time and our human nature is to think that what we are experiencing in the moment is as good or as a bad as it will ever be.

Just like the old saying about the forest and trees when you look at the forest as a whole it looks different than if you were to look at just one tree. I have seen some beautiful and majestic trees and I have seen some sideways and even curly trees but each tree is part of the whole forest. Each moment is a part of us and who we are becoming.

Caregiving is selflessness on a routine basis by forgetting yourself and going to work to help another person.

I heard this definition from a return Missionary coming home from serving an LDS mission for the Church of Jesus Christ. Her definition of helping people

was; "doing for someone what they can not do for them self". This brought the image of Christ in my mind more clear than I had ever understood before. He cared for us enough to do for all man kind what we could not do for our self. A caregiver is a Christ like attribute and when I hear people say I'm just a caregiver or I left my job to help care for my mother. I think to myself that a person is not "just" a caregiver. I think they are selfless, loving, kind, and patient among many other traits. You are more than the label you have been given or have given yourself. You are much more and what you do has immeasurable value.

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