Caregiver Tips

Are you a caregiver to a friend or loved one? Here is a tip that will help you keep track of information in a way that will help save you time and improve communication. In our online store we have a product called "appointment and visit notes". This product is designed specifically for communication and recording important medical related events.

If you are spending a lot of time with a person providing care or assisting them you see and notice more things than others for example the person's doctor. When you see things that could be out of the ordinary or very concerning these things are worth keeping notes on. Our product "appointment and visit notes" is the perfect tool to record events or noteworthy changes. Here are some examples of how others have recorded noteworthy situations; "mom was really dizzy today when I came to check on her, I took her Vitals." The Vitals were provided in the space for vitals during that visit. Another example of how it was used; "During my visit today with the doctor he started me on Gabapentin and he wants me to monitor my results and experience".

When recording information ask yourself the following questions; 1.Is this event out of the ordinary? 2. What are the important details? (this one people can very in their opinion but remember put enough detail that if you weren't there to explain another person could figure out the jist of what happened and get the most important details out of your notes) for example; "Grandma fell while handing out candy to trick or treators and hit her face on the concrete and bled through her nose in large amounts, ambulance was called and she went to X hospital ER." This gives some detail but also gets to the point. Also there is space provided to record the date so it is 3. Were Vitals taken? (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and sometimes temp) If Vitals signs were taken then write them down with that note. There is space provided for the notes, vitals and the date of the event. This way your medical provider can put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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