Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you overwhelmed with all the "to do's" or even the I just have to's? Some people will even avoid writing a list because that can trigger an anxiety attack. The list of to do's can be a source of negative emotion that we resort to procrastination and even avoid doing it at all.

So, how do we overcome human nature?

I will share with you what I have learned and now practice on a regular basis.

There is a way to get your brain to calm down and see the dreaded list differently so that it doesn't trigger you.

Create 3 categories for your items on your list.

1. Most important and needs to be done by you

2. Second most important and could be done by someone else with your help

3. Third most important and can be done by someone else

4. Not important and can certainly be done by someone else or taken off the list

When we can let someone help us we open ourselves to amazing possibilities and freedom especially if it is mental and emotional freedom.

After having my second child was born I was having a really hard time and a family member was in the hospital dying and I was a wreck. A neighbor texted me and asked if they could pick up any grocery items for me while out on their grocery store run. I responded no thank you. I didn't want to burden them. Of course it may not be polite to ask someone to pick up an entire load of groceries and pay for it for you but I could have used milk or eggs and a loaf of bread. I could have paid her pack easily. I didn't let anyone help because I had a belief that I was burdening them and that I had to take care of myself. This belief isn't bad but was it really helping me? I dragged myself and kids to the store the next day and hated every minute of it because of my limiting belief that kept me from letting someone help me and I also held them back from feeling good about helping someone. Now I let someone do all my grocery shopping! (I use the Walmart order pick up app, gamechanger!!!) I love helping others and I really love and appreciate those who help me. I utilize the service industry more than I have in the past and when people offer to help me I actually pause and ask myself what can I have them help me with and sometimes it is just a request for prayer or positive vibes but I am experiencing a give and receive cycle now.

When you can improve the way you do something, you can change your life.



Iona, ID, USA


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