Why do we make medasystems?

We created medasystems for your brain. Your brain will thank us, I promise! winky face winky face...

What is this crazy lady talking about? Well, let me explain. I know personally how much multitasking and trying to remember everything only exaggerates the problem and creates more. I have seen this in my own life way to often. Not writing down an appointment, an idea, a "to do" item, and even a grocery list can cause so much more stress and anxiety than if I had just written it down. Let's say I need to go grocery shopping and I know in my brain what kind of meals I want to cook this week and I have a general idea of what pantry items I am low on so I just go for it, I just go to the grocery store for groceries. On the way there I skipped breakfast, I had an argument with my 3 year old about why you can't wear swimsuits outside when its snowing and I'm a little tired from the 2 year old waking up last night crying. So, picture this hot mess of a mom determined to get groceries at the store early in the morning in her super awesome non matching sweatpants and layers of jackets and I am going to buy "just what I need" and then come home. Yeah sure.....

Two hundred dollars later and a cart full of snacks and randomness I now have to answer to my husband why I forgot his body wash and the stuff I needed to make protein balls for his lunches. OOPS!!!!

I quickly learned I can't trust my brain, pause...I can't trust myself to overload my brain. We all do it. We all get in a hurry and don't take notes and write down things so we aren't burdened with it later.

I can honestly say I am no longer allowed to go shopping without a list by my own choice and at the sweet request of my ever so patient husband.

We all need systems to keep us from having more problems. Give our medasyst a try. It helps my family and friends and I know it will help yours. We use ours on a regular basis. The name med A syst is even our way of saying we want to assist you by by giving you a system. Its more than a play on words it our message of commitment to helping you manage things like diabetes, chronic illness, high blood pressure, nutritional tracking and regular medical appointments.

Love and cherish your brain, life is better with it.


Iona, ID, USA


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