Ever had a question for your doctor only to forget what it was the moment you walked into their office?  As a standard addition to the Medasyst planner, you’ll get to utilize the Visit Logs pages to help you communicate your medical needs to your provider without missing anything.  Additionally, we don’t want you forgetting all of the details the doctor went over with you at your appointment. Use our Visit Logs to take notes during your appointment. Visit logs are especially life-saving if you visit more than one provider.  Communication is the key to great healthcare. Order refills of our Visit Logs any time you run out. They come pre-punched and easy to insert.

Appointment and Visit Notes

SKU: MED3012
  • Visit logs come  come pre punched and ready to be added to your medasyst by easily clicking them into your medasyt book.


Iona, ID, USA


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